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Miss Klair
assisted by Bev & Serena


Click here for Year 5 overview



Please support your children to keep their times tables knowledge running smoothly!  We rely more and more on quick recall of mental maths facts to underpin our learning. Time spent practising on Times Tables Rock Stars forms part of their weekly homework. 










Please find the Maths Methods Handbook here



  • Reading records and reading books must be in school every day. 

  • Bring a water bottle to school each day.

  • ‘The Boutcher Mile’ is on Wednesdays and PE is on Thursdays. The class need to wear trainers to school on Wednesdays and full PE kit on Thursdays.

  • Our library session is on a Thursday so please have your library book in school to renew or change. 


Children will receive homework on Wednesday. In Year Five, weekly homework is:

  • daily reading (with responses in reading journal)

  • SPaG booklet activity x 1 

  • ten spellings words and sentences plus a Readiwriter activity 

  • practise of times tables through Times Tables Rock Stars (minimum of 25 minutes spent each week)


All homework needs to be completed for Wednesday morning. Please upload the spelling sentences to Google Classroom for me to mark. The comprehension book should be brought into school for Wednesday to be marked in class. 


Children will be tested on their spellings each Wednesday and their score will be recorded in their reading journal. 


We have started the term reading the gripping novel, Beetle Boy. After half-term, we will change to a non-fiction text and read The Race to Space, which links perfectly with our science topic of Earth and Space. I’m sure we will enjoy learning about the neck-to-neck space race between the Soviet Union and the US whilst developing our reading skills. 



Our first PSHE topic is Being Me in My World. In this unit, children think about understanding their identity and how they fit well in the class, school and global community. It will be split into the following lessons: 



The first science topic is Properties and Changes of Materials. Throughout this topic, children will compare and test materials according to their properties, for example, they will test materials to see which conduct electricity best as well as investigate materials to see whether they dissolve. 


After half-term we will be learning about Earth and Space. We will begin looking at evidence for why the earth and planets are approximately spherical and will also cover the movement of Earth and other planets in relation to the sun, and the idea of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night. 


Have you read these books yet?



topical talk.png

Year Five are very much looking forward to starting Topical Talk lessons where they will explore current stories in the headlines whilst fostering progress in listening, speaking, problem-solving and creativity skills. 

Make sure you get involved with the online conversations on the hub. 


History, geography and art objectives will be taught through our study of the Victorians. 

Children will:

  • gain an overview of the significance of the Victorian period within the wider narrative of British history;

  • make comparisons to everyday life during this period in time with modern British lifestyles;

  • consider some of the major changes and their effects during this period, for example the industrial revolution and the railways;

  • study significant people.

We will also make links with the local area so children have an understanding of Bermondsey during this period in history. 


We will learn about the work of the Victorian designer, William Morris and will be working with local artist, Ed Gray on an exciting project. 



The first RE topic for this term, answers the question: How Has The Christian Message Survived For Over 2000 Years? This question will be broken down into weekly lessons, and will cover the Ascension, Pentecost, The Trinity and how Confirmation contributes to the spread of the Christian message. 


Click here for Year 5 book list


We follow a book-based approach to the teaching of writing and have started the term with Beetle Boy by M.G Leonard. Beetle Boy is an exciting detective story with a twist! During this unit, spelling, punctuation and grammar skills will be taught and then applied within a non-chronological report, through letter writing, a diary entry, character descriptions and a newspaper report.

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