Miss Clifford
assisted by Sophie, Natalie & Mr Lumby


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  • Reading records and reading books must be in school every day. 

  • Bring a water bottle to school each day.

  • PE days are on Thursday and Friday and you are to come to school wearing your kit on both days. 

  • Our library session is on a Thursday so please have your library book in school to renew or change. 

At Boutcher, everyone has the right to: 

  • feel safe 

  • be respected

  • learn


Children will receive homework via Google Classroom each Wednesday.

In Year Five, weekly homework is:

  • daily reading (with minimum of three responses in reading journal)

  • comprehension x 1 (completed in CGP book and returned to school on Wednesday)

  • ten spellings words and sentences plus a Readiwriter activity 

  • Mathletics activities x 2 

  • practise of times tables through Times Tables Rock Stars


All homework needs to be completed for the following Wednesday morning by 8:30. Please upload the spelling sentences each week to Google Classroom for me to mark. 


Children will be tested on their spellings each Wednesday and their score will be recorded in their reading journal.


Please support your children to keep their times tables knowledge running smoothly!  We rely more and more on quick recall of mental maths facts to underpin our learning. Time spent practising on Times Tables Rock Stars is encouraged to develop quick recall. 










Please find the Maths Methods Handbook here



At Boutcher School, we use the Jigsaw programme to teach Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) and relationships. The curriculum map can be found on the school website but Year 5 will be covering the following topics this term: 

y5 PSHE.png


Children will continue with the topic Understanding Faith in Bermondsey.  


Other topics for this term are: 

How does a ‘Bishop in Action’ help lead the Anglican Church in the Christian faith today?

What is Buddhism? 

What does it mean to be a Buddhist?

y5 re.png


Children will study the narrative poem, The Listeners, by Walter De La Mare in which they begin by exploring and analysing the language within to define and provide context. The language used within the poem is archaic and therefore we have to use the context to identify and explore meanings which is wonderful for looking at word classes and suffixes.

y5 reading.png


For their history topic this term, Year 5 will learn about The Kingdom of Benin. They will learn when the kingdom was first established, what the people of Benin believed, why the first dynasty of Ogiso came to an end, what the rulers of Benin were like, what ordinary people did for jobs and the legacy after the Benin Kingdom was destroyed.   

Y5 theme.png


The first science topic of the spring term is Animals Including Humans. Pupils will be taught to describe the changes as humans develop to old age. The lesson breakdown is:

  1. Human timeline

  2. Growth of babies

  3. Puberty

  4. Changes in old age

  5. Gestation periods

  6. Life expectancy 


Please speak with me if you would like extra information on the content of this topic. 


In our next topic, children will study scientists and inventors. Year 5 will focus on David Attenborough and Neil deGrasse Tyson.  

y5 science1.png
y5 science 2.png


Our project for this half-term is: 

y5 topical talk.png

As well as a weekly lesson, we encourage children to use the Topical Talk online hub during their own time and to participate with the subject beyond the classroom. Please be assured that we speak with the children regularly about how to keep safe online. Posts and comments will only be added to the hub if approved by a member of the Topical Talk team. Any concerns and teachers will be contacted. 


Click here to access the hub:



We will begin this term with the book Children Of The Benin Kingdom, which is the perfect novel to complement our history topic. The book follows the story of Ada, who discovers her true identity and must travel into the heart of the rainforest to heal the divisions that are occurring within the kingdom.  During the unit, spelling, punctuation and grammar skills will be taught which will lead towards writing a non-chronological report on the Kingdom of Benin. There will also be plenty of opportunities to practice reading skills and take part in discussions around the events of the story.

y5 writing.png


We are very fortunate that Year Five have been selected to work with the artist, Ed Gray, for an anniversary project to celebrate Boutcher turning 150! The project will be each Monday throughout the summer term and children will work in small groups throughout the day to build on their project each week. This project will lead up to an exhibition of their work later in the summer term, which we will let you know of closer to the time. 

To find out more about Ed Gray, visit his website:




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