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Mrs Bradford & Mr Opara

assisted by Carol & Erica


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Y5 trip to the British Museum to investigate Troy: Myth and Reality on Wednesday 8th January


Y5 Leading KS2 Service Friday 7th February


Y5 Open Day (children in school) Thursday 5th March


Y5 Leading KS2 Service Friday 6th March


Y5 and Y6 participating in the Agora event with


Burnet News Club, Friday 20th March


Admission to Holy Communion with Bishop

Karowei, led by Year 5, Friday 27th March


Our English writing this term will focus on Percy Jackson, complementing our theme topic of Ancient Greeks beautifully!  We have already explored abstract nouns and antonyms generally to subvert a perfectly heroic Ode to a Hero into a perfectly dastardly Ode to an Imposter, and we are looking forward to being able to use our knowledge of Greek deities to enrich our reading of and writing around this book.



Please support your children to keep their times tables knowledge running smoothly!  We rely more and more on quick recall of mental maths facts to underpin our learning and are enjoying our work with Maths No Problem.



Year 5 has been investigating the University of Cambridge audio version of storytellers’ Daniel Mordern and Hugh Lupton’s War With Troy.   We will dip back and forth whilst we read Rick Riordan’s heroic modern-day adventure, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.   We are honing our Comprehension Skills whilst simultaneously enjoying a gripping read!  We are thinking about how to use these skills to help us write great comments in our Reading Records at least three times a week and remembering that reading aloud is still helpful to us – especially when thinking about punctuation cues to help us with expression.


Click here to see Year 5's book list.



Our topic this term is ‘Earth and Space’, building on research undertaken for last term’s homework projects and from our exploration of the BNC issue on Space Exploration last term.


We begin this term by investigating Faith in our Community.  We are especially interested to hear perspectives from faith leaders on the changing nature of our community over the last 50 years.


Ancient Greek Joke:


What did the Ancient Greeks wear on their feet?


Tennis Zeus!



We revisited our atlas skills in the first week of term, looking at Greece in Europe now and then looking at the Empire of Alexander the Great in the 1st Century BC.  We have explored timelines in BC and AD, discussing and linking events through time and space.  Best of all (so far), we visited the magnificent Troy exhibition at the British Museum.  This has inspired us to think about myth, reality and legacy, and the links and differences between them.


We have exploded into the new issue for Spring 1: Politicians and Power, and are aiming to up our profile on the BNC Hub – and even the Leaderboard once again.

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