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Deadline for Secondary School Applications: Saturday 31st October 2020


Y5 and Y6 participating in the Agora event with Burnet News Club, Friday 13th November


PE is usually on a Thursday and a Friday.  Please wear your PE kit to school on these days; check our Uniform Webpage to find out the PE kit requirements.



Reading to an adult and discussing your book with them using the comprehension skills questions to aid your discussion remains important in Year 6.  Please ensure you make quality comments in your Reading Record at least thrice a week and ask your adult to sign it.   Reading records should be brought to school every day and will be checked every Monday. 

Homework on Google Classroom 

This year, we will be setting homework on Google Classroom. Your homework should be ‘handed in’ on Google Classroom by Monday morning. New homework will be set on Google Classroom, Readiwriter and on Mathletics on Wednesdays. You should complete your work in your homework book and upload photos to Google Classroom. You do not need to bring your books into school. You will receive a score out of 10 which will be awarded according to your effort on Google Classroom. Outstanding work will also be celebrated in class. 

Each week you will be set one reading comprehension task and one spelling task. Maths activities will be assigned through the Mathletics website.   From time to time, you may have tasks in other subjects set too.

Click here for KS2 homework overview.

Remember your water bottle!  Please name it and bring it to school with you on a daily basis.


Tying in with our reading focus, we are using Martin Jenkins’ beautiful and informative book, Can We Save the Tiger?  as a stimulus for writing and for our SPaG work.  This term we are looking particularly different clauses – independent and relative – and the different ways we can link them within our writing.  


Our topic this term is Rules and Responsibilities and we will be reflecting on this theme from a range of perspectives, looking for similarities and comparisions especially between Christianity, Islam and Judaism.    

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We are completing the Year 5 curriculum and focusing on learning gaps at the moment.  September has begun with a focus on interpreting data and on using bar modelling to help solve missing number problems.  Our work in class will be supported and extended by weekly homework set on Mathletics and it is important that your children complete this in timely fashion.  Please support your children to keep their times tables knowledge running smoothly!  We rely more and more on quick recall of mental maths facts to underpin our learning.  Please find the Year 6 Maths Handbook here.

Click here for Maths Methods Handbook

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Our topic of Evolution and Inheritance works brilliantly alongside our Reading and Writing focus for this term.  We are looking at Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and exploring the concept of Inheritance, beginning by looking at ourselves and our parents, and identifying what characteristics we have inherited from them.  Fascinating stuff!

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The Ancient Islamic World.

After beginning to explore this topic in Year 5, we will continue to find out more about the rapid expansion of both the Islamic Empire and the religion of Islam.  While Europe was languishing in the dark ages, the Middle East was experiencing a time of economic prosperity and scientific advancement and the Islamic Empire was on its way to becoming one of the largest in the history of the world!


We are already hooked on this issue: The American Election.  Amongst other things, we are considering qualities desirable and essential in a leader; the legal reqirements to run for President in the US and the complex and fascinating electoral system in the US.  We will be watching the news with interest – and maybe a little expertise – in the run-up to November!


We begin the year with a cross-curricular theme in English and in Science.  We are looking at Jack Williams’s beautifully-illustrated and very informative non-fiction account of Charles Darwin’s voyage on HMS Beagle.  We will of course be practising our reading comprehension skills on this but we will also be using it for some writing too.  We will be aiming to enrich our writing with our Scientific knowledge and our further exploration of our English text.

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