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Mr Avis and Miss Clifford

assisted by Sophie


We'll have our first service on Friday 4th October 2019 so please come along. It’ll be about Noah’s Ark.


We’ve already started working our way through the first few chapters of Beetle Boy by M.G. Leonard, which has already proven itself to be an entertaining read. We will have time to read daily in the form of a focused guided read or through a taught reading comprehension task. During these lessons, children continue to build on the eight reading comprehension skills (a copy of which can be found in your child’s reading journal) through discussion, key questioning and follow-up tasks.


This term we’ll be starting by building on our knowledge of place value and using the four operations on whole numbers. We’ll be following the Maths, No Problem! scheme of work through the year, which we’ll post on this page as soon as it’s available. If you’d like to support your child to understand any of the calculation methods that are taught then please look on the Maths Methods Handbook on this page, which lays out how we expect different calculations to be taught. 


Click here for Maths Methods Handbook


We will begin our RE with the question: should every Christian go on a pilgrimage? Children will learn the difference between places that are sacred and those that are special and will learn how the experience of pilgrimage can deepen and enrich their moral growth.


This term we're learning about the work of taxonomists: how they group living things together and classify them as this or that type of animal. Becoming familiar with the standard method of classification should equip us with useful knowledge for our upcoming trip to the British Wildlife Centre on Wednesday 18th September.


Our English work this term will be based on the beautifully illustrated and wordless book, The Arrival by Shaun Tan. Each weekly focus in spelling, grammar and punctuation will be applied in both shorter drafts and more extended pieces and children will have opportunities to edit their writing too.


On Wednesdays Mrs. Verhoeven will be teaching Islamic Civilisation, which will include reading The Tales of Arabian Night and looking at arabesque art and design.

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