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Mr Jenkins

assisted by Cathy


Homework is set every Wednesday and should be returned to school on Monday morning.


10 spellings are given out each week. These are in the children’s homework book. They should complete the assigned activity and practise them every day. Spelling tests are on Wednesdays.


Our topic this half term is States of Matter. The children will be looking at solids, liquids and gases, what their properties are and how they can change form one state to another. Children will get to complete investigations to aid their learning.


Children should try and read every night with an adult if possible and discuss the book using the comprehension skills poster to aid your discussion. If you would like an example of what questions to ask and how they should be worded, then please ask Mr Jenkins. Reading records should be brought to school every day and will be checked daily. The children’s homework book has details of a number of reading activities. They should complete two of these each week and they should be based on the book they are currently reading.


Children will have guided reading lessons everyday and will learn reading skills and be shown how to apply these to different types of text. Children will also complete a reading comprehension task weekly with the chance to apply further the skills they have learned. 


This term we will be learning about pilgrimages as part of the whole school topic on journeys. We will be trying to answer the question, should every Christian go on a pilgrimage? We will consider the importance of both the journey and destination and what makes a place sacred rather than just special. If you have been on a pilgrimage, please let us know. 


Our theme for this term is The Romans. We will be looking at the start of the Roman Empire, how it spread and how it was challenged. We will also look at Roman culture, beliefs, architecture and past times.


Maths homework is set on the Mathletics website. The tasks selected are carefully chosen to consolidate the weeks learning. Your reading record contains your login details. Children should revise all their times tables on a regular basis as these are a key component of many mathematical concepts. 

Children will continue to develop their mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills in lessons. During year 4, there will be a big emphasis on giving children a much deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and getting them to explain their thinking.

Click here for Maths

Methods Handbook


We have started reading Escape of Pompeii by Christina Balit. The Escape of Pompeii uses the historic event, of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79, to tell a fictional story of Tranio, a young Roman boy, who witnesses the tragic destruction of his beloved city. We will use this text to complete a range of different writing outcomes, focusing on different grammar, punctuation and spelling skills. 

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