Mrs Bradford
& Mrs Aitkenhead

assisted by Beverly


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Our summer topics are: Relationships and Changing Me. We will look at relationships we all have with our family and friends. In our Changing Me topic we will learn about being unique, having confidence in change and also accepting change.

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  • Reading records and reading books must be in school every day. 

  • Bring a named water bottle to school each day.

  • PE days are on Thursday and Friday and you are to come to school wearing your kit on both days. 

  • Our library session is on a Wednesday so please have your library book in school to renew or change.  

At Boutcher, everyone has the right to: 

·    feel safe 

·    be respected

·    learn


Children will receive homework each Wednesday. In Year Four, weekly homework is:

  • daily reading (with responses in reading journal and at least two adult signatures a week)

  • comprehension x 1 (completed in CGP book and returned to school on Monday)

  • ten spellings words and sentences 

  • Mathletics activities x 2 

  • practice of times tables through Times Tables Rock Stars


Comprehension should be completed for Monday morning if possible.  Other homework should be completed for Wednesday morning. Please upload the spelling sentences each week to Google Classroom to be marked.  


Children will be tested on their spellings each Wednesday and their score will be recorded in their reading journal. 


This term we are reading ‘Odd and the Frost Giants’. A thrilling, wintry Nordic epic from the truly magical combination of author Neil Gaiman and illustrator Chris Riddell. It’s links to Vikings and Norse mythology nicely links to our history and geography topic of Anglo-Saxons, Scots and Vikings and we will be aiming to enrich our writing with our historical knowledge.   

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Our topic this term is sound, we will explore this concept by identifying how sounds aremade, finding patterns between the volume of a sound and the strength of the vibrationsthat produced it and recognise that sounds get fainter as the distance from the sound source increases.

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For our class read this term, we are reading a non-fiction book ‘Earth Shattering Events’ by Robin Jacobs and Sophie Williams.


This brilliant book around natural phenomena is fascinating and slightly sobering in equal measures: it details ways that mother nature will, from time-to-time, show who’s boss!  An engaging and practical read presented in a comic strip style which has links to poetry too.

Remember to read at home daily and update your reading record accordingly aswell.


Linking with our English book, Odd and The Frost Giants, we will be learning about Anglo-Saxons, Scots and Vikings during the summer term. We will revisit the idea of migration and that people from other societies have been coming to Britain for a long time (such as the Romans who we studied in the autumn term).

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We are delighted that we can welcome you back to worship with us on a Friday. 

We will continue with our theme of family, learning more about the characteristics and qualities of those in God’s family. We will be learning about Christians throughout history and those today who serve God.  


Year 4 will be leading service on:

Friday 20th May at 10am

Friday 8th July at 10am


We will continue using use to learn new coding techniques such as ‘if/else’ conditionals, ‘while loop’ and ‘until loops’ commands and develop our programming skills.  


This term we will reflect on Lent and Easter in Christian churches and find out more about who Jesus’ was. We will also extend our knowledge of Hinduism and find out more about this rich and colourful religion by finding out about the importance of Symbols, Beliefs and Teachings in Hinduism.        


Please support your children to keep their times tables knowledge running smoothly!  We rely more and more on quick recall of mental maths facts to underpin our learning. Time spent practising on Times Tables Rock Stars is encouraged to develop quick recall and if you are bit rusty on basic key number facts, use Numbots to brush up on them!  


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