Mr Avis

assisted by Jemma & Rosemary


  • Book bags with reading records and reading books must be in school each day. 

  • Water bottles must be in school each day.

  • Homework is set on a Wednesday and must be uploaded on Google Classroom by Monday.

  • Spelling tests will take place each Wednesday and results recorded in reading records. 

  • On PE days (Wednesdays and Fridays), children attend school in their PE kit.



The most important thing every Year 2 must make sure they do is read to an adult every night. You need to be able to read well in order to succeed in all subjects we study at school - there's even a lot of reading in maths. Discuss your reading book using the comprehension skills questions in your reading record. Reading records should be brought to school every day. 



Homework is set on Google Classroom on Wednesdays and should be completed in your homework book, which stays at home. A photo of it must be uploaded by the following Monday morning. Each week you will be set two spellings tasks. The spellings word must be learnt for the tests that take place each Wednesday. Maths activities will be assigned on Mathletics. 


Telling the Time

Year 2s are expected to be able to read the time. While there is some time in the curriculum for doing this, learning to tell the time really requires constant practice at home. Try to make sure you can tell the time by half-term! 


Year 2 have PE on Wednesdays and Fridays and must arrive in school with their kits. They will be learning tennis this term.


Our topic this term is Plants. We’ll be planting our own seeds and observing their growth.



Already this summer term, we’ve spent time learning about money and fractions. We’re spending a long time on fractions so that we can build a secure understanding. Next, we’ll be solving problems involving time (so make sure you’re practising reading analogue clocks at home!).

Click here for Maths Methods Handbook


We’ve just finished the brilliant Hotel Flamingo. It’s part of a series so if you enjoyed it, I’d recommend you read the rest. They’re a great start to chapter books.  We’ll soon start reading Africa, Amazing Africa.

reading 1.png
reading 2.png


We’ve continued to be inspired by the artwork of Joan Miró this term. We’ve recently finished learning about the Great Fire of London and will start looking at the journeys of our food goes on to reach us.



We’ve been using Ocean Meets Sky as our inspiration. It’s a beautifully illustrated book about Finn remembering his Grandpa. Through this text, we'll learn a range of spelling, grammar and punctuation skills that will be applied to a range written work.