Miss Dixon
assisted by Karen 



  • Reading every night will help you to grow into a super reader! Talk about what you've read with your parent or loved one and discuss what you think might happen next, the meaning of new words and how you can relate to the story. Don't just read your school reading book but read books from home or the library, newspapers, non-fiction books and poems. Think about what the characters are like and if they are similar to other characters or people that you know. Use the key questions inside your Reading Record to support you with understanding the text.

  • Find time in the day (walking to School or before bed) to count forwards and backwards to 100.

  • Increase your independence by getting dressed on your own and helping out with jobs around the house. 

  • Complete your homework and make sure it’s uploaded onto Google Classroom by Monday. This shows me that you really care about your learning and you will be ready for action at the start of the week. Get your parent or carer to sign your reading record and record the page numbers you have read-this shows us that you are dedicated to your reading at school and at home. 

  • It is ok to make mistakes..... but we must remember to try and make it better with our fresh start- because every day is a new day!

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  • Book bags with reading records and reading books must be in school each day. 

  • Water bottles should be in school each day.

  • Homework is set on a Wednesday and must be uploaded on Google Classroom by Monday.

  • Spelling tests will take place each Wednesday and results recorded in reading records. 

  • Year One will be taking part in PE on Tuesdays and Fridays. Children should come to school in their PE kit on these days and no school uniform is needed. 


PE Kit is as follows:      

  • Plain white T shirt or polo shirt with plain navy-blue jogging bottoms or leggings (no logos).

  • Children should wear their school jumper or cardigan too. 

  • Children should wear black, navy or white trainers. 


Through our theme lessons, we will be looking at the history of our family. We will be discovering how toys have changed from the past to now and compare them. 



This term, we will be learning about seasonal changes during Autumn and Winter. Children will observe and describe the weather across the seasons. They will learn about how day length varies, according to the time of year. Children will be encouraged to document the weather across the year, to see how it changes with the seasons.



We will be using a book-based approach to develop our writing skills in our English lessons. 


Children should know the alphabet and should be able to write each letter, in lowercase and capital letters. Handwriting practice is a good way to ensure letter formation is correct.


Children should know the days of the week and the months of the year. We sing these each day in class.



Our RE focus this term is ‘Why is it good to listen to and remember the stories Jesus told?’

In this unit we will be looking at parables in the Bible and thinking about love, kindness, words, actions and forgiveness. 



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