Miss Dixson

assisted by Karen & Sally 



  •  Reading every night will help you to grow into a super reader! Talk about what you've read with your parent or loved one and discuss what you think might happen next, the meaning of new words and how you can relate to the story. Don't just read your school reading book but read books from home or the library, newspapers, non-fiction books and poems. Think about what the characters are like and if they are similar to other characters you've read about in other books. Compare similarities between the books by the same author and think about the illustrations and what they show. 

  •  Find time in the day to count in 2s, 5s and 10s and see how quick you can do it. Learn your number bonds to 10 and 20 by heart.

  • Increase your independence by getting dressed on your own and helping out with jobs around the house. 

  • Complete your weekly homework set on Google Classroom. This shows that you are dedicated to your learning and that you are working hard at home.

  • It is ok to make mistakes..... but we must remember to try and make it better with our fresh start- because every day is a new day! 

  • We are now in the Summer term and have lots of learning to do…


In Theme, we are looking at our local area.

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Our Science topic is ‘Animals including humans’



In our English lessons, we will be applying our phonics knowledge to our work. We will be developing our spelling, punctuation and grammar skills too. This term, we will be looking at nouns, adjectives and verbs and using a range of interesting words in our writing. 

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We had the task of using materials and resources from home, including recycling to create our own aeroplanes.

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In RE, we are exploring the promises that Christians make.


Click here for Maths Methods Handbook

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