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Miss Giles

assisted by Debbie, Jemma & Sally 


We are reading and exploring the book: Naughty Bus.

In our English lessons, we will be using phonics as well as high frequency words to help us spell. We will be making sure we use finger spaces adn the correct ofrmation of letters in our written work. We will start using adjectives to describe things and using 'and' to link to ideas in a sentence. 


  • Reading records and reading books must be in school each day. 

  • Homework is handed out every Wednesday and must be returned on Monday.

  • Spelling tests will take place each Wednesday and results recorded in reading records. 

  • Services in Key Stage 1 take place at 9:40 am each Tuesday morning. Check the weekly newsletter to find out when Year 1 will be leading the worship during service

  • PE kits need to be in School on Monday mornings and should be taken home each Friday to be washed. 



Read every night- read anything you can! Get an adult to question you about the book too as this will improve your comprehension skills. 


Count, count and count some more! Count forwards and backwards to 100 starting from any random number. Do this on your way to school, at home, before bedtime or any time that suits you. 


Try getting dressed on your own in the mornings so that you are becoming more independent with tasks. 


Complete your homework and hand it in on a Monday morning. This shows me that you really care about your learning. 


It is ok to make mistakes..... but we must remember to try and make it better with our fresh start- because  every day is a new day!


As part of our History topic this year we will be studying our family history, including toys. 


In Maths, we will be developing our number knowledge- counting forwards and backwards, looking at place value in two-digit numbers and spotting number patterns. We will be building on stategies to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication an division calculations. 

Children have logins to Mathletics- they will be set tasks for homework so please ensure children are completing these. 

Click here for Maths Methods Handbook


As part of our topic this term we will be studying 'Seasons'

In this topic we will be finding how to:

observe changes across the 4 seasons

observe and describe weather associated with the seasons and how day length varies


As part of our whole school theme of 'places' we will be learning about pilgrimages. We will be exploring the question.... Should every person of faith go on a pilgrimage?

We will be looking at artefacts and belongings that Christians, Muslims and Jewish people may bring with them on their journeys. 

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