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Worship 2023/24

This year our theme is communication.


Spring Term 


This term we will spend time learning about the way Jesus communicated the Fruits of the Spirit during his time on the earth. We will reflect on the importance of good communication and the way we communicate with others. 


  • Faithfulness and Joy – The Magi Visit the Baby Jesus

  • Peace – Jesus Calms the Storm 

  • Kindness – Jesus meets Zacchaeus 

  • Patience – Jesus Teaches through the Sermon on the Mount 

  • Goodness – Jesus Feeds 5,000 people 

  • Gentleness – Mary Magdalen Washes Jesus’ Feet 

  • Self-Control – Jesus is Tempted in the Desert

  • Love – The Sun Stops Shining

We are also looking forward to the Admission to Holy Communion Service just before Easter. 


Autumn Term 


We spent the Autumn term understanding the different ways that God communicated with people through the stories in the Old Testament. We considered the importance of good communication and the responses that people had to God when he communicated with them. We reflected on the way we communicate ourselves and the way our words and actions can be interpreted.


We looked at the following stories and themes:

  • Creation – Spoken Word 

  • Ten Commandments – Written Word 

  • Tower of Babel – Different Words 

  • Joseph – Dreams 

  • Daniel in the Lions’ Den – Visions 

  • Isaiah – Prophecy 

  • Mary – Angels 


We also celebrated Christmas and Harvest at St Mary Magdalen Church and started the school year with a whole school Reflection Service in the playground. 

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