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The aims and practice of Boutcher School seek to reflect the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as told in the Gospels.  Jesus taught us, through His example of unconditional love and compassion, that we are all of equal value to God. Everyone is entitled to be regarded with dignity, fairness and respect.  We strive to ensure that our school enshrines the values which Jesus taught us.




In our school everyone has the right to learn, the right to feel safe and the right to respect.  They have the right to learn the good news of the Gospels and to know that God loves us all equally (whether we are rich or poor, young or old.)


We strive to live in the way that Jesus would want us to.  We tell others Jesus's stories so that they can learn from them too and we try to set an example for other people in the way that we act.  In all that we do we help each other and love others as Jesus would want us to.


Boutcher CE Primary School tries its best to remember that Jesus loves us, even when we make mistakes.




Within their roles in the school community the adults have responsibilities to other adults and to the children they teach and care for.


We should show respect for each other by working co-operatively and listening to the views of others.  We should recognise the value of the contribution made by all and share our experiences with others.  We should be open and reflective about our practice and seek to develop professionally.  We should understand the aims of the school community and work together to achieve these.  Through our daily lives we as adults should take time to have fun together and enjoy ourselves. 


As adults we should be positive role models for the children providing guidance and support as children develop academically, socially, morally, emotionally and personally.  We should support children by providing a physically safe environment where children should feel secure in asking for help and support knowing this will be provided.  Children need to feel they are valued and cared for.  The school should provide the pupils with high quality learning experiences and develop within them the skills necessary to be creative and independent, able to discover, question and reflect in adult life.


During the year we enjoy working on maintaining and developing the community ethos.  We do this through collective worship, community activities and having fun.  Each term there is a theme which is followed through collective worship and community activities.  Working on each theme develops the ethos of Boutcher School and reinforces its values.





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