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Leadership Team:

Mrs Eilidh Verhoeven - Headteacher

Mrs Ashlie Dixon - Assistant Head 

Mrs Megan Whitton - Assistant Head

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Office Manager:

Miss Jennie Bones


Administrative Assistants:

Ms Rose Cochrane (3 days)

Ms Nicola Holland (3 days)

Wrap Around Care: 

Breakfast Club:

Debbie Kiely and Sophie George 


Lunchtime Supervisors:

Debbie Kiely, Sophie George, Rosemary Dawson and Adenikke Kanimodo 


Afterschool Club:

Beverly Smith, Cathy Dillon, Sophie George and Karen Percival 

Intervention and Pastoral Care: 

Mrs Natalie Smith (HTLA) runs interventions & speech programmes. 

Ms Cathy Dillon (HTLA) runs interventions and speech programmes 

Mrs Carol Padday works with emotionally vulnerable children in the PDC pm

Mrs Hazel Lands runs the library

Teaching Specialists:  

Ms Salina Lam - Music and Singing Teacher

Mr Lawrence Hill - Drumming Teacher (Y1,Y2,Y3 and Y4) 

Mr McBrien & Mrs Juliet Roberts – Choir Teacher 

Mr Luke & Ms Eleanor – Violin Teachers (Y5 &Y6

Mr Ed Gray Art Teacher

Caretaker:     Mr Christian Hamilton

Cleaner:        Mr Jose Sousa

Curriculum Subject Leads: 

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