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The Role of Parent Councillors


To support the school in providing a high-quality education for all children 


To disseminate information from the school about the curriculum, school policy and procedures to parents


To suggest topics for parents’ workshops 


To generate ideas for enhancing the children’s experiences


To suggest, support and promote community events


Ideas for increasing parental engagement and involvement


Ideas for community afternoon 



It is not the role of the council to change the curriculum, policies or procedures. This is the role of the Governing Body. 


The group will meet termly or more often, if needed. The school councillors will be invited to some of the meetings. 

Parent Council

Boutcher Parent Council 2021/2022


Ms Eliane Dally (Melodie Y6, Horonya R)


Ms Lorena Gonzalez (Imelda Y1, Tadeo R)


Ms Jade Kendall (Chloe Y1)


Ms Ini Udom (Ekaete Y2, Vincent Y4)


Ms Yemi Daniel (Ademola, Adesola Y2)


Ms Luisa Lazzaro (Tiago Y3)


Ms Marta Gromysz (Sofia Y3)


Ms Robyn Chys-Crowley (Clemmie Y4)


Mr Hugo Wareham (Clemmie, Phoebe Y4)


Ms Ruth Nditi (Jayden, Y2, Jeremy Y3, Jayne Y5)


Ms Serena Patel (Jack Y6, Henry Y4)


Ms Theresa Lusham (Savannah Y6)

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