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Music Class


We are proud of our music provision at Boutcher. 



All children receive singing lessons each week with their key stage. 


African Drumming 

We provide weekly African drumming lessons to all children in Year 1 – Year 4. Children develop their rhythm and understanding of beat through these lessons. Our children have the opportunity to perform at our annual carnival, the Bermondsey Street Festival as well as other in school and local events. 



Two classes (currently Year 5 and Year 6) have weekly violin lessons. Children perform an annual concert for their parents and other children in the school. 



Children in Year Six are invited to audition and form a band. Both beginners and those that can play an instrument can join the band. Children meet weekly and have opportunities to perform throughout the year. 



We are exceptionally proud of our choir. The choir meet weekly on Thursday after school. Children from Year Three are invited to audition. The choir perform regularly at many school and community events. 



Children in Year 5 and 6 have the opportunity to attend a small guitar club on Wednesday afterschool. 


Gifted and Talent Music 

Children who demonstrate a musical gift may be offered the opportunity to receive 1:1 music lessons. This may be for singing or other instruments. 


Music Therapy 

We also provide the opportunity for children with additional needs to receive music therapy. This may include either a short 1:1 lesson or a small group lesson. 

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