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Click for KS1 and KS2 home learning timetables. 

All weekly homework should be completed on the sheets in your child's Homework Folder.

Homework is due in school on Mondays.

Homework will be sent home on Wednesdays.


Weekly Homework Year 1 - 6:


Each week children are expected to:

  • Learn a spelling rule and 10 spellings, and choose 5 trickier spellings to include in 5 impressive sentences (5 spellings, 3 sentences in Year 1)

  • Answer 10 maths questions

  • There may be occasional further activities to support learning in class


We expect children to read at home every day and learn their times tables and related facts.

You can download times table and division grid to practise with at the bottom of this page.

The aim of the weekly spellings and maths questions is to reinforce learning that has already taken place in the classroom.  This will help children practise what they have been taught and consolidate their learning.  It also helps teachers to identify areas where further support or further challenge is needed!

If completed homework is not in school on Monday, children will be required to complete the homework at lunchtime.


Half Term Home Learning Project for all children:

In addition to the weekly homework, all children are expected to complete one piece of work per half term for their class topic

  (please see coloured grid sent home with Homework Folder for topics and suggested activities.)  

This is creative work where we would like children to produce something in a way they enjoy learning.  

You will be informed of the due date when they will be sharing it with their teachers and classmates, and parents and carers will be invited to come and see children's work in a half-termly exhibition.


Click for the link to Abacus for online Maths activities.  

Check your Homework Journal for your log-in details.


Click for the link to Espresso for online Coding activities.  Have your log-in details ready.

Times Table and Division grids













Other useful websites



Word Lists


First 100 high

frequency words


Next 200 high

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Year 3/4 spelling



Year 5/6 spelling


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