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29th March 2024

Dates For The Diary

Monday 15th April  

Return to School


Tuesday 16th April  

Y1 trip to Godstone Farm

Wednesday 17th April  

Y4, Y5 & Y6 trip to Unicorn Theatre

Holy Communion Certificates

Holy Communion certificates.png

Easter Bunnies Special Delivery

Easter bunnies 2.png
Easter bunnies 3.png
easter bunnies1.png


Wishing you all a happy and peaceful Easter break - hoping we get some sunshine!


We return to school on Monday 15th April.

100% Spelling

Year 2 –   Ahmed, Alma, Evan, Horonya, Imogen, Jack, Joe, Jotham, Matilda, Nathan, Nephele, Nila, Renil, Stephen, Tias, Vanessa, Yostina, Zoya

Year 3 – Aamira, Harsh, Akeem, Moizelle, Sinead, Eleanor

Year 4 – Mina, Troy, Ademola, Nile, Ridwan, Precious, Kimberly, Akeesa, Ernie, Zionni, Manhattan, Jonathan, Inayah, Oliver, Daniel, Hana, Osarugue, Yusra, Mayah

Year 5 – Gabriel, Michael, Navya, Sofia, Hannah, Dyland, Minaal, Malvika, Emily, Howan

Easter Church Service 28th March 

Easter Church service 1.png
Easter Church service 2.png

Hard copies of School Policies,

including Safeguarding are available from the office and can be read online.

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