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26th January 2024

Dates For The Diary

Monday 29th January  

Y3 Cooking club 

Y5 & Y6 Art & Craft club

Tuesday 30th January  

Y2 Service 9:40

Y2 Art & Craft club

KS1 Drama club

Wednesday 31st January  

Reception & Y6 Height & Weight 9:30

KS1 Homework club

KS2 Football club

Communion class 3:30 to 4:30

Thursday 1st February 

Y2 Swimming

KS1 Multi-sports club

KS2 Drama club 

KS2 Homework club

Friday 2nd February

Y5 Service 10:00

KS2 Multi-sports club

Playground Awards 

Year 2    - Malachi

Year 2    - Joe

Year 4    - Ekaete

Year 6    - Jessica

26-1 play.png

Boutcher Family

The Green Boutcher Family group won this week’s cup with 187 points. 

1st   Honesty Green   187 pts

2nd  Hope Yellow       185 pts

3rd   Peace Blue        162 pts

4th   Love Red           153 pts

26-1 family.png

Headteacher's Awards

Y6 - Evelyn, Marc-William

Y5 - Hannah, Scarlett, Rania


We finish for the half term holiday on Friday 9th February, returning on Monday 19th February.


Open Days (letters with further information to be sent in due course)


Monday 26th February - Y2

Tuesday 27th February - Y6

Wednesday 28th February - Y1

Thursday 29th February    - Rec

Friday March 1st – Y3

Monday 4th March – Y4

100% Spelling

Year 2 –  Alma, Ahmed, Ibrahim, Jack, Joe, Josie, Jotham, Matilda, Nathan, Nephele, Nila, Nyriah-Jae, Sebastian, Sophie, Tadeo, Tias, Vanessa, Yostina


Year 3 –  Aamira, Rofiu, Rose, Harold, Davina, Harsh, Akeem, Evangeline, Raphael, Moizelle, Gemini, Eleanor, Chloe, Jacob, Patsy

Year 4 –  Nile, Elsa, Jonathan, Ernie, Daniel, Precious, Hana,m Osarugue, Zionni, Manhattan

Year 5 –  Osanna, Navya, Jeremy, Fortune, Dylan, Freya, Ethan, Ditta, Emily, Hannah, Saskia, Ke-Ren, Howan, Scarlett, Malvika, Sofia, Michael

Year 6 –  Jessica, Abe, Evelyn, Marc-William, Henry, Rocco, Bibi, Sasan, Daniel, Tyler, Naomi, Clemmie, Lay-Lay, Daniel

Pick of the Bunch

Rec       - Ava

Year 1   - Hasset

Year 2   - Joe

Year 3   - Kwame

Year 4   - Alvan

Year 5   - Scarlett

Year 6   - Daniel

26-1 potb.png

Presentation Awards

Rec       - Yusuf

Year 1   - Santiago

Year 2   - Jotham

Year 3   - Moizelle

Year 4   - Liam

Year 5   - Malvika

Year 6   - Lay-Lay

26-1 pres.png

Hard copies of School Policies,

including Safeguarding are available from the office and can be read online.

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