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23rd February 2024

Dates For The Diary

Monday 26th February  

Y2 Open Day

Y3 Cooking club 

Y5 & Y6 Art & Craft club

Tuesday 27th February  

Y6 Open Day

Rec Service 9:40

Y2 Art & Craft club

KS1 Drama club

Wednesday 28th February  

Y1 Open Day

KS1 Homework club

KS2 Football club

Communion class 3:30 to 4:30

Thursday 29th February 

Rec Open Day

Y2 Swimming

KS1 Multi-sports club

KS2 Drama club 

KS2 Homework club

Friday 1st March

Y3 Open Day

Y5 Service 10:00

KS2 Multi-sports club

Headteacher's Awards

Year 4 - Hana 

Year 4 - Mina

Boutcher Family

The Yellow Boutcher Family group won this week’s cup with 256 points. 

Honesty Green

1st   Hope Yellow        256 pts

2nd  Honesty Green   227 pts

3rd   Love Red            218 pts

4th   Peace Blue         192 pts

23-2 family.png

Presentation Awards

Rec       - Freya

Year 1   - Matthias

Year 2   - Evan

Year 3   - Davina

Year 4   - Zionni

Year 5   - Ditta

Year 6   - Alesha

23-2 Pres.png


We will be celebrating World Book Day again this year with a breakfast session amongst other activities throughout the day – further details to follow in a letter.  Please do note that should you attend the breakfast, you MUST accompany your child and stay with them for the whole session.  Please do not send your child with another child’s parents, this is an opportunity for you to celebrate World Book Day with us and read with your child. 


Open Days

Monday 26th February - Y2

Tuesday 27th February - Y6

Wednesday 28th February - Y1

Thursday 29th February    - Rec

Friday March 1st – Y3

Monday 4th March – Y4

100% Spelling

Year 2 –  Ahmed, Alma, Horonya, Jack, Nila, Sophie, Tias


Year 3 – Raphael, Evangeline, Rofiu, Eleanor, Sara, Sinead, Moizelle, Imelda, Harsh, Akeem, Rufus, Aamira

Year 4 –  Ernie, Oliver, Clio, Ridwan, Liam, Nile, Daniel, Troy, Hana

Year 5 –  Saskia, Emily, Jeremy, Elliot, Amelia, Sofia, Ke Ren, Fortune, Michale, Bianca, Navya, Dylan, Isabelle, Rania, Minaal, Scarlette, Freya, Howan, Ezekiel

Year 6 –  Adedamola, Naomi, Rocco, Alesha,


Attendance of the Week

Highest attendance –  Rec

Lowest attendance – Year 2

Playground Awards 

Rec       - Darby

Year 2   - Tias

Year 3   - Imelda

Year 3   - Ava

Year 4   - Inayah

Year 5   - Elliot

23-2 play.png

Pick of the Bunch

Rec      - Hiyab

Year 1  - Ariam

Year 2  - Renil

Year 3  - Dibabari

Year 4  - Ademola

Year 5  - Osanna

Year 6  - Lay-Lay

23-2 POTB.png

Hard copies of School Policies,

including Safeguarding are available from the office and can be read online.

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