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Mrs Bradford & Mr Opara

assisted by Carol & Erica


Our Service themes this year are Places and we kick off the Key Stage 2 Services on Friday 27th September with our service reflecting on the Garden of Eden.  

Join us on Thursday 4th October for our Assembly presenting our thoughts on Poetry through the ages.

Y5/Y6 trip to the British Museum to explore the World in AD900 on Thursday 10th October

Y5 trip to Tate Modern on Tuesday 15th October


We are enjoying Shaun Tan’s wonderful book, The Arrival.  We have re-enacted the journey on the ship and have written a letter of application for residency, using all our skills and showing off relative clauses and a range of subordinate openers.  We are looking forward to landing after our voyage and are waiting in hope and trepidation to see what awaits us in the new land.


We continue to rely on quick recall of mental maths facts to underpin our learning and are enjoying our work with Maths No Problem.


We are reflecting on different ways of recording our thinking, including bar modelling to help us work through multi-step word problems.

Please find the Year 5 Maths Methods Handbook here

Poetry Joke:


How do poets say hello?

Hey, haven’t we metaphor?

Poetry Joke:

How do poets say good bye?

“I’d like to linger a little longer but it’s getting aliter-ate.”


This term we are enjoying the adventures of Darkus and his friends as he investigates the disappearance of his father in M G Leonard’s Beetle Boy.  We are honing our Comprehension Skills whilst simultaneously enjoying a gripping read! We are thinking about how to use these skills to help us write great comments in our Reading Records at least three times a week and remembering that reading aloud is still helpful to us – especially when thinking about punctuation cues to help us with expression.


Our topic this term is ‘Properties and Changes of Materials’ and we will build on our exploration of states of matter in Year 4 by developing our understanding of solutions, mixtures and changes both reversible and irreversible.


Should every Christian go on a pilgrimage?  What is the difference between a sacred place and a special place?  How does a pilgrimage help us develop our faith? We are exploring these questions in our RE this term and looking forward to interviewing Miss Tahzib and Zoe in Year 6 who are both lucky enough to have experience of a pilgrimage.


We hope you enjoyed our assembly on 4th October, which showcased an eclectic range of poetry dating from the 5th Century BC to the modern day.  We performed poems from Sophocles, an Anglo-Saxon riddle, Ivor Cutler, Shelley, Kipling, a Shakespearean sonnet (as a rap), Robert Frost, Martin Niemoller and even ‘Meredith Grey’.  We even persuaded Uthman and Finn that poetry – or soul-speaking as Timothy refers to it might be rather wonderful.


Thinking about places in the world that were special to us, we considered how they made us feel and how and why we had made those connections.  

Armed with a globe, a set of atlases and the internet, we identified the co-ordinates of some of these places and learnt to read latitude and longitude coordinates in degrees, minutes and seconds.  We considered the importance of the Equator, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, Arctic Circle and Antarctic Circle, and Prime (or Greenwich) Meridian in locating places and demarcating different areas of the globe. 

We found out about an app called What 3Words which assigns a three word address to every 3m² in the world.  (The address of our classroom is: zebra.snaps.arrive).

We then thought about the qualities we aimed to bring to our own successful life journeys and made our individual What Three Word addresses which are also our tips for fulfilling our potential.  


Where in the world challenge: Give the geographical  co-ordinates for this What 3 Words address: ///determination.self-control.aspiration


The issue we are looking at this term is Hong Kong in Crisis and Year 5 are honing their thinking and reasoning skills and beginning to rack up stars on the BNC leader board.


We already have a competition-winning comment from patient_truth!

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