Worship Overview 2021/22

Theme for the year - Family

This year our whole school theme is family. Family is so important at Boutcher that it is one of our three school values, along with faith and fascination. Focusing on family this year feels more appropriate than ever as our school turns 150 years old this year! Boutcher started all those years ago by the Boutcher family and today, we still believe that it is our familial approach to all that we do and say that makes our school so special.


Family has always featured in many parts of our school life this, it influences our curriculum, shapes our teaching, underpins many of our policies and whilst it is always hugely influential to our worship,  this year it will be our main theme.


When we talk about families at Boutcher, we cherish and celebrate each of our families uniqueness and the special relationships with have with those who care for us at home. We also think of our school as our big family, with each member of our community being valued. We have St Mary Magdalene Church, our extended family and of course many of our children have family ties beyond Bermondsey and these too are celebrated and treasured.  


We launched our theme of family by introducing four family groups (red, blue yellow and green). Every child and adult within the school are part of a family group. Each family is represented by children across our seven year groups. Throughout the year, these four families will meet together, work alongside each other and celebrate together. Family points can be earned for showing family values with families receiving the most points will celebrate together. 




We are delighted that we can meet together again as key stages and enjoy a time of worship. Throughout the Autumn term, we learnt about Jesus’ family tree and looked at the importance of family through these different bible characters. 


During the Spring term, we learnt more about Jesus and those he chose to be part of his family. KS1 focused on the 12 disciples, whilst KS2 learnt about different people that Jesus chose and how he loves everyone. 


Throughout the Summer term we will learn about those who are part of Jesus’ family today or were in more recent years. We will be learning more about the characteristics and qualities of those in God’s family.  A list of the service dates and themes are below. 


We are delighted that we can welcome all parents back to our service, we look forward to seeing you. 


KS1 Services 


Services start at 9:30. All are welcome. The class listed next to the date will be leading service on that day.  


Tuesday 3rd May – Year 1 – Rev. Charlie Moore 


Tuesday 10th May – Year 2 – Mary Slessor 


Tuesday 17th May  – Reception  – Desmond Tutu 


Tuesday 24th May  – Year 1 – Queen Elizabeth II


Tuesday 14th June – Teacher Led – recap those who have been taught already


Tuesday 21st June – Year 2 – Courtenay and Adam Webster 


Tuesday 28th June  – Teacher Led  – Bishop Karowei  


Tuesday 5th  July – Reception – Paul and Denise Brown



KS2 Services 


Services start at 10am. All are welcome. The class listed next to the date will be leading service on that day.  


Friday 6th May – Year 6 – Rev. Charlie Moore 


Friday 13th May – Year 5 – Mary Slessor 


Friday 20th May – Year 4 – Bishop Karowei 


Friday 10th June – Year 3 – Queen Elizabeth II


Friday 17th June – SPORT’S DAY - NO SERVICE 


Friday 24th June – Year 5 – Courtenay and Adam Webster 


Friday 1st July – Year 6 – Desmond Tutu 


Friday 8th July – Year 4 – Paul and Denise Brown 



Whole School Services 

Friday 22nd April 2022 – 150th Anniversary Opening Service 

Thursday 21st July 2022 – Closing Service and End of Year Service