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8th Feb 2019

Dates For The Diary

Mon 11th Feb

Homework projects due in today

Year 6 trip to the Royal Festival Hall

KS2 Millwall Football after school club

Year 3 & Year 4 Still Life after school club

Verbal/Non-verbal reasoning after school club

Tue 12th Feb

Year 1 Service 9:40am

Trip to Unicorn Theatre

Year 1 & Year 2 Dance after school club

Year 5 & Year 6 Art & Craft after school club

Wed 13th Feb

Admission to Communion Class

KS2 Badminton after school club

Nessie after school club

Thurs 14th Feb               

Year 2 Assembly 9:30am

Year 2 Swimming

Homework Exhibition 

Parents meeting for German trip 5:30pm

KS2 Homework after school club

Year 1 & Year 2 Multi skills after school club

Year 1 & Year 2 Drama after school club

Year 1 & Year 2 Lego after school club

Fri 15th Feb                

Year 6 Service 10am

KS1 Homework after school club

Outstanding Homework

Rec –     Lara

Year 1 – Alesha

Year 2 – Aliishba

Year 3 – Michael

Year 4 – Sona

Year 5 – Joy

Year 6 – Timi

Going for GOLD

Rec –     Howan

Year 1 – Rory

Year 2 – Eden

Year 3 – Koby

Year 4 – Celline

Year 5 – Maria

Year 6 – Oswinia

Go for it Certificates

Rec –     Rania & Eliza

Year 1 – Elsa & Zeth

Year 2 – Johnny & Rapheal

Year 3 – Hanna & Callie

Year 4 – Rebecca & Lola P

Year 5 – Joy & Bradley

Year 6 – Tamika & Naeema

Presentation Awards

Rec –     Ethan

Year 1 – Marc-William

Year 2 – Jayne

Year 3 – Oyin

Year 4 – Baridoba

Year 5 – Sophie

Year 6 – Kara

Friends of Boutcher

Dear Parents/Careers


Does your home need a spring clean? If so we would be happy to help by taking your clutter off your hands to sell at our upcoming……..


Big Second Hand SALE

on Friday 1 March at 3.30 


Please donate any items of good condition you can from the categories below (into the office)




Toys/Baby gadgets


Thank you for your cooperation and looking forward to seeing you all



Attendance of the week

Highest attendance of the week is Year 5

Lowest attendance of the week is Reception

Class with the most lateness is Year 2

Whole school attendance of the week is 97.24%

Headteacher's Award

Reception – Michael Akinyele

Year 1 – Rory Adams & Jeremy Rivera Camacho

Year 4 – Aicha Barry-Sow

Year 5 – Mehdi Yagoub

100% Spellings

Year 2 – Alishba Sheeraz, Annelle Olaleye, Benjamin Chang, Bianca Amodeo, Christina Kapiris, Adedeji Deji-Onilude, Eliya Kissi, Emmanuel Lusako, Felix Salisbury,  Jayne Chege, Rofiat Ayuba, Bodhi Prescott, Eden Wainwright, Beau Picard, Alfred Abu, Johnny Brown, Mia Giorgio, Bianca Amodeo.


Year 3-  Koby Essuman-Awotwe, Gabrielle Adeyemi Smith, Eddie Mason, Sydney Simpson,  Michael Lemery, Elirone Soro, Aaron Awuku , Emiola Adoeshun, Amira Kamara.


Year 4 –  Antimony Quentin Lewis, Baridoba Kunamon, Brielle Olaleye,  Celline Crayk, Chizara Egemonye-Eze, Eliam Zoh, Finley Brown, Iman Kazim, Imariabe Ikponwosa, Isata Serry, Lola Poulson,  Nissi Kragbe, Rebecca Jenkins, Sona Shima, Valentina Kapiris.


Year 5 – Adedoyin Adessemoye, Adelina Shima, Ebu Akinyele, Ethan Gill, Freddie Putnam, Indeyai Hewitt-Gooden,  Malachi Johnson, Ridwan Ayuba, Sophie Mason, Soraya Willis, Maria Sinajeva, Mueen Carew, Mysha Ahmed, Bradley Kingston, Zoe Moughtin-Mumby, Noah Fiaty, Aman Sharafi, Alexandra Aranibar.


Year 6 – Anastasia Moughtin-Mumby, Andrew Pirie, Deji Onakomaya-Onas, Hiyam Omar, Jasmin Carrillo, Joseph Putnam, Kara Webb, Lillian Armaah, Orphee Soro,  Philip Okyere, Ronni Whitnall-Gaylard, Tamika Junior, Tobias Moore, Xanthe Quentin Lewis Alhena Riaz, Abel Derege, Ruby Brown, Timi Onakomaya-Onas.

Hard copies of School Policies,

including Safeguarding are available from the office and can be read online.

Boutcher Church of England Primary School | 93 Grange Road, London, SE1 3BW | 020 7237 2149