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6th October 2023

Dates For The Diary

Monday 9th October  

Y3 Swimming

Y6 Cooking club

Tuesday 10th October  

Y3 Service 9:40

Y1 Art & Craft club

KS2 Drama club

Wednesday 11th October  

Open morning – 10:00

Y1 & Y2 Dance club

Y1 & Y2 Homework club

KS2 Football club

Thursday 12th October 

Y2 Swimming

KS1 Drama club

Y3 & Y4 Media club 

KS2 Homework club

KS2 Multi-sports club

Friday 13th October

Y5 Service 10:00

KS1 Multi sports club

Playground Awards 

Year 1    - Santiago

Year 2    - Evan

Year 3    - Rofiu    

Year 5    - Hannah

playground 6-10.png

Pick of the Bunch

Rec.      - Solomon 

Year 1   - Zachary

Year 2   - Sebastian    

Year 3   - Hazimah

Year 4   - Hana

Year 5   - Dylan

Year 6   - Abena

potb 6-10.png

Boutcher Family

The Red Boutcher Family group won this week’s cup. 

family 6-10.png

Presentation Awards

Year 1    - Lily

Year 2    - Ahmed    

Year 3    - Sara

Year 4    - Troy

Year 5    - Scarlett

Year 6    - Adedamola

pres 6-10.png


Open Day is Monday 30th October 2023, school is closed on the day, please remember to book an appointment

100% Spelling

Year 2 –  Ahmed, Alma, Evan, Horonya, Jack, Matilda, Nephele, Nila, Nyriah-Jae, Renil, Sebastian, Sophie, Stephen, Tias, Yostina

Year 3 –  Aamira, Rofiu, Chloe, Evangeline, Raphael, Gemini, Anas, Patsy, Anthony, Sinead, Eleanor

Year 4 –  Ernie, Yusra, Oliver, Liam, Ridwan, Clio, Osarugue, Zionni

Year 5 –  Ethan, Jeremy, Saskia, Emily, Minaal, Sofia, Gabriel, Freya, Rania, Ke Ren, Dylan, Malvika, Hannah, Leah, Howan

Year 6 –  Both Tests: Bibi, Bertie, Hannameel, Evelyn, Tyler, Rocco, Daniel, Sasan, Lay-Lay, Marc-William, Naomi.  One Test: Eren, Ayeesha, Abena, Alesha, Lucas, Henry, Jeremy, Yasmin, Clemmie, Carole, Jessica, Kyla, Maryam

Attendance of the Week

Highest attendance – Y5 

Lowest attendance – Reception

KS2 Homework comments of the week

Congratulations to Hannameel and Bibire for their comments of the week! 


Hannameel Year 6


I think we should have more sports in PE because even though I am not a sports person I enjoy PE and learning different kinds of sports. I know some people who love PE and learning different types of sport like I am a good swimmer (I am still learning). If some people try swimming then it might be a sport they like now from just trying it. For example in PE we do Rugby Tag and I was not keen on the sport and I didn’t enjoy it until I played more often and now I have won one of the games and it could really teach you different kinds of team effort and to be kind in every sport.


Bibire Year 6


I think that PE should have more sports because some people might not like a sport or don't think they might be good at it so they can go and try a different sport to see if they like it. I understand that some PE teachers might think it might be unsafe but really if they are there to support and guide them then the children should be safe and protected. But it would also be fun for the children to show there tricks to the class and even learn new tricks from other children.



Mr Jenkins would like to take the opportunity to reaffirm the importance of trying new things and not thinking you're not good at something!

Headteacher's Awards

Year 2 – Binta

Year 6 – Lay-Lay

Hard copies of School Policies,

including Safeguarding are available from the office and can be read online.

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