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1st December 2023

Dates For The Diary

Monday 4th December  

Y6 Visit to Fire Station 10:00

Y6 Cooking club 

Tuesday 5th December  

Y1 Art & craft (last session)

KS2 Drama club (last session)

Wednesday 6th December  

Open morning - 10:00 (last tour of the year)

Y1 & Y2 Dance club (last session)

Y1 & Y2 Homework club (last session)

KS2 Football club (last session)

Thursday 7th December 

Y3 & Y4 Media club (last session)

KS1 Drama club 

KS2 Homework club (last session)

KS2 Multi-sports club (last session)

Friday 8th December

KS1 Multi sports club (last session)

Christmas lunch & Christmas Jumper Day

Playground Awards 

Rec      - Tadgh

Year 1  - Wilfred

Year 4  - Ethan    

Year 5  - Dylan

1-12 play.png

KS2 Homework comments of the week

Should species be named after people?


Congratulations to Evangeline Y3 and Sofia Y5



Evangeline KyriacouY3


I don’t think species should be named after people. If I lived in a tribe in the jungle, I may already have a name for these creatures. If some rich explorer comes and says they discovered the creature I already know, why should that creature be named after the famous person?



Sofia Gromysz-KyriakouY5

My opinion in this matter is a bit mixed. On one hand, I think scientists, who discovered the species or are famous for studying them, deserve to be honoured in this way.

On the other hand, choosing names after people could get out of control. What if one day animals are named after YouTubers! What if the chosen person is disregarded by history!

Also, names of animals in Latin or Greek often have meanings, which indicate which animal family they belong to. This way we can instantly learn something about an animal just by looking at its name.

When an animal is named after a person, that meaning is not there.

Therefore overall, I think I weigh towards animals not being named after people.


Individual and sibling photo’s will be taken by the photographer on Tuesday 28th November, please ensure children are in full school uniform. 


Please note the following upcoming celebrations:

Friday 8th December - Christmas lunch & Christmas jumper day

Tuesday 12th December – Christmas play 1:45

Wednesday 13th December – Choir performance Southwark Council (Tooley Street) 12:00 to 14:00

Thursday 14th December – Christmas play 10:00 & 1:45  

Friday 15th December – Choir performance Borough Market 12:00 to 12:30

Monday 18th December – Art Exhibition Private View (hall) 3:15

Monday 18th December – last Six O’Clock club 

Wednesday 20th December – Children to be collected from 12:30 and latest time to collect 1:30


Reminder that the planned January INSET day has been changed to Friday 28th June and that the children are due back in school after the Christmas break on Monday 8th January 2024

100% Spelling

Year 2 –  Ahmed, Alma, Aydin, David, Evan, Horonya, Ibrahim, Imogen, Jack, Nathan, Nila, Nyriah-Jae, Olivia, Renil, Sophie, Tadeo, Vanessa, Yostina, Zoya

Year 3 – Rofiu, Sara, Evangeline, Arsema, Rufus, Gemini, Sinead, Eleanor

Year 5 –  Michael, Sofia, Elliot, Jeremy, Hiba, Ke-Ren, Scarlett, Bianca, Emily, Freya, Ditta, Rania, Hannah, Gabriel, Dylan, Samson, Raffaella, Osanna, Ethan, Malvika, Navya, Amelia

Year 6 –  (x 2 tests) Clemmie, Eren, Abena, Rocco, Maryam (x1 test) Bibi, Vincent, Lay-Lay, Marc-William, Naomi, Evelyn, Adedamola

Attendance of the Week

Highest attendance – Year 4

Lowest attendance – Year 6

Pick of the Bunch

Rec       - Kaleb

Year 1   - Wilfred

Year 2   - Ibrahim

Year 3   - Patsy

Year 4   - Jonathan

Year 5   - Howan

Year 6   - Tyler

1-12 POTB.png

Presentation Awards

Rec     - Mer

Year 1  - Christopher

Year 2  - Tias

Year 3  - Sinead

Year 4  - Betty

Year 5  - Leah

Year 6  - Maryam

1-12 pres.png

Boutcher Family

The Yellow Boutcher Family group won this week’s cup with 239 points. 

1-12 family.png

Hard copies of School Policies,

including Safeguarding are available from the office and can be read online.

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