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17th May 2024

Dates For The Diary

Monday 20th May  

Y6 School journey

Tuesday 21st May  

Y1 Service 9:40

KS2 Drama Club

KS2 Chess Club

Wednesday 22nd May  

Y2 Dance Club

Y3 & Y4 Football Club

Thursday 23rd May  


Break up for summer half term 3:30

Friday 24th May  


Pick of the Bunch

Rec      - Olive

Year 1   - Henry

Year 2   - Olivia

Year 3   - Harold

Year 4   - Clio

Year 5   - Leah

Year 6   - All of Year 6

17-5 potb.png

Playground Awards 

Year 2    - Olivia

Year 2    - Jotham

Year 3    - Sara

Year 4    - Minnie

Year 4    - Ademola

Year 6    - All of Year 6 have shown exceptional playground behaviours

17-5 play.png

Headteacher's Award

Harold – Y3


Please ensure your child completes the ‘Travel to School Diary’ that has been sent home with them today and please return to school on Thursday 23rd May – thank you!


Following an intense week of SATS, our Y6 are off to the Isle of Wight on Monday 20th May – we hope they have an amazing time!!


School class photo QR codes were sent home in children’s bags yesterday with instructions for ordering via QR codes or website. 


Green Boutcher family may wear their own clothes on Thursday 23rd May 


We break up for summer half term on Thursday 23rd May 2024 at 3:30 – there will be no 6 o’clock club or curriculum clubs on this day, children must be collected by 3:30.

100% Spelling

Year 2 –   Ahmed, Alma, Jack, Joe, Jotham, Matilda, Nila, Nyriah-Jae, Sophie, Tias, Vanessa, Zoya

Year 3 – Rose, Davina, Aamira, Evangeline, Aaliyah, Imelda, Moizelle, Arielle, Rufus, Gemini, Anas, Sinead, Eleanor, Chloe 

Year 4 – Year 5 – Isabelle, Dylan, Ke Ren, Bianca, Jeremy, Hazimah, Fortune, Minaal, Freya 

Presentation Awards

Rec       - Ariella

Year 1   - Lily

Year 2   - Horonya

Year 3   - Dibabari

Year 4   - Nile

Year 5   - Osanna

Year 6   - Kyla

17-5 pres.png

Boutcher Family

The Green Boutcher Family group are the overall winners for this half term and may wear their own clothes to school on Thursday 23rd May! 

1st   Hope Yellow       276 pts

2nd  Love Red           264 pts

3rd   Peace Blue        261 pts

4th   Honesty Green  260 pts

17-5 family.png

Hard copies of School Policies,

including Safeguarding are available from the office and can be read online.

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