16th July 2021

Dates For The Diary

Monday 19th July               

Open day ( school closed )

Thursday 22nd July               

Year 6 Leavers' Service

Friday 23rd July               

School closed at 2pm. Children can be collected from 12:30.

Presentation Award

Year 1 –  Elsa

Year 2 –  Jeremy

Year 3 –  Eliya & Alesha

Year 4 –  Naomi

Year 6 –  Lola P

presentation 16_7_21.png

Year 6 Times Table Challenge

year 6 times table challenge.png

100% Spelling

Year 2 –  Raffaela,   Tiago, Matteo,  Emily,  Dylan,  Ditta,  Hannah,  Scarlett, Jeremy, Saskia, Howan, Eliza, Sofia,  Ethan, Rania, Amelia, Osanna, Dylan.

Year 3 – Marc-William, Jessica S, Clemmie C, Rory, Evelyn.

Year 5 –   Michael, Jack,  Koby, Hanna, Eddie,  Aaron,  Syndey,  Gabrielle, Felix,  Amira,  Kyara, Kofi, Dylan, Evie,  Bersaby, Emiola, Chantelle, Osasu, Tobi, Olivia B, Elirone, Kaiser.


Year 6   Chizara, Nissi, Celline,  Antimony, Sona,  Timothy,  Rebecca,   Eliam,  Iman, Osato, Isabella B,  Jorjo,  Finley, Baridoba, Imariabe, Isata, Isabella C, Marly.

Pick Of The Bunch

Year 1 –   Manhatten       

Year 2 –    Emily

Year 3 –   Ayden

Year 4 –   Alishba & Beau

Year 5 –   Kofi 

Year 6 –   Nissi

pick of the bunch 16_7_21.png

Attendance of the Week

Highest attendance of the week is Year 2

Lowest attendance of the week is Year 6

Class with the most lateness is Year 5 

Whole school attendance of the week is 93.98%

Hard copies of School Policies,

including Safeguarding are available from the office and can be read online.