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15th Novemeber 2019

Dates For The Diary

Monday 18th November               

Faith Leader trip to East London Mosque

KS2 Millwall Football Club

Y5 & Y6 Debating Club

Y1 & Y2 Reading Club

Y2 Cooking Club

Tuesday 19th November

Y3 service 9:40am

Y1 & Y2 Nessie club

Wednesday 20th November               

Y3 Art & Craft club

KS2 Basketball club

Y1 & Y2 Bible Explorers club

Thursday 21st November

Y1 Assembly 9:30am

Y2 Swimming 

Y1 & Y2 Lego club

Y1 & Y2 Multi Skills club

Y1 & Y2 Homework club

KS2  Homework club

Friday 22nd November               

Y6 Service 10am

Y3 & Y4 Sports club

Presentation Award

Rec –     Osarugue

Year 1 – Jeremy

Year 2 – Rocco

Year 3 – Isha

Year 4 – Luca

Year 5 – Isabella

Year 6 – Alexandra

House Points

The winning bridge is Millennium Bridge with 4187 points.


If you have a child that is due to start Reception class next September please make sure you apply now & collect a supplementary form from the office, even if they have a sibling attending Boutcher.

Attendance of the Week

Highest attendance of the week is Year 2

Lowest attendance of the week is Rec

Class with the most lateness is Year 1

Whole school attendance of the week is 97.65%

Going for GOLD

Rec –     Precious

Year 1 – Amelia

Year 2 – Alesha

Year 3 – Johnny

Year 4 – Olivia C

Year 5 – Isata

Year 6 – Indeayai

100% Spellings

Year 2 – Clemmie C, Marc-William, Rocco,  Hannameel, Daniel, Alesha,  Jessica W, Ayeesha, Bertie, Clemmie W, Eren, Phong, Adedamola, Hector, Henry, Rory, Sasan, Vincent.   

Year 3 –  Annelle,  Bianca,  Jayne, Isha,   Rofiat,  Naomi,  Bodhi, Alishba, Raphael, Sarah-Michelle, Emmanuel, Deji, Benjamin.


Year 4 – Koby,  Michael, Tobi, Eddie,  Oyin, Felix, Kofi, Kaiser, Elirone, Gabrielle, Aaron, Evie, Jack,  Chantelle, Lila, Sydney, Osasu, Luca, Hannah, Edward.

Year 5 –  Sona,  Celline,  Baridoba, Nissi, Antimony, Brielle, Chizara, Eliam, Iman, Imariabe, Isabella B, Isabella C, Lola P, Osato, Rebecca, Sadie, Timothy, Uthman.

Year 6 –   Indeyai,  Sophie,  Bradley, Ridwan., Adelina X2, Mysha, Ebun, Alexandra, Moriah, Omar, Noah, Ethan, Joy, Eva, Zoe, Adedoyin, Maria, Soraya, Aman. 

Hard copies of School Policies,

including Safeguarding are available from the office and can be read online.

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