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14th June 2024

Dates For The Diary

Monday 17th June  

Y4 Cooking Club

Tuesday 18th June  

Y2 Service 9:40

Y3 Trip to British Museum

Y1 Art & Craft Club

KS2 Drama Club

KS2 Chess Club    

Y5 & Y6 Musical Theatre Club

Wednesday 19th June  

Choir Trip to Southwark Cathedral 

KS1 Homework Club

Y2 Dance Club

Y3 & Y4 Football Club

Thursday 20th June  

KS1 Drama Club

KS2 Homework Club

KS2 Multi-Sport Club

Friday 21st June  

Y5 Service 10:00

KS1 Multi-Sports Club

Y3 Art & Craft Club

Pick of the Bunch

Rec       - Ava

Year 1   - Matthias

Year 2   - Binta

Year 3   - Rofiu

Year 5   - Navya

Year 5   - Malvika

Year 5   - Jeremy

Year 6   - Daisy

14-7 potb.png

Best Artist

Special shout out for Darby in Reception who won the best artist award and was chosen as the front cover of the book for ‘Me and My Family’.

14-7 artist.png

Headteacher's Awards 

Y1 -    Jacob

Y5 -    Malvika

Y5 -    Jeremy

Y5 -    Jeremy

Y5 -    Navya


Next week is Eco Week – in addition to a number of activities taking place during the school day, after school we will be selling Elderflower cordial prepared by KS1 with the guidance of Nick Remfry (Ava & Rufus dad) and other snacks for 50p each on Tuesday 18th June plus cakes and other snacks on Thursday 20th June.


Our next INSET day is Friday 28th June.


Sports Day will be at Southwark Park athletics track on

Thursday 27th June – further details to follow.


Open Day will take place on Monday 15th July - school will be closed on this day.

100% Spelling

Year 2 – Ahmed, Alma, Evan, Horonya, Joe, Nila, Renil, Sophie, Tadeo, Yostina

Year 3 –Aamira, Harsh, Evangeline, Arsema, Moizelle, Sinead, Chali 

Year 4 – Troy, Elsa, OInayah, Jonathan, Ademola, Ekaete, Kimberly, Oliver, Clio, Ridwan, Ernie, Betty, Yusra, Nile, Zionni, Manhattan, Adesola, Hana, Alvan, Daniel, Jayden, Arian, Liam, Mayah

Year 5 –Ke-Ren, Jeremy, Minall, Howan, Navya, Bianca, Hannah, Freya, Malvika, Raffaella

Presentation Awards

Rec      - Archie

Year 1  - Harlem

Year 2  - Olivia

Year 3  - Evangeline

Year 4  - Jayden

Year 5  - Minaal

Year 6  - Vincent

14-7 pres.png

Boutcher Family

The Green Boutcher Family are the winners this week with 243 house points!

1st   Honesty Green  243 pts

2nd  Peace Blue        232 pts

3rd   Hope Yellow      214 pts

4th   Love Red          162 pts

14-7 family.png

Playground Awards 

Rec       - Selby

Year 2   - Sophie

Year 2   - Josie

Year 5   - Eliza

Year 6   - Eren

14-7 play.png

Hard copies of School Policies,

including Safeguarding are available from the office and can be read online.

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