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10th May 2019

Dates For The Diary

Monday 13th May               

Year 6 SATS week

KS2 Millwall after school club 

Year 6 cooking club

Year 5 & 6 debating club

Tuesday 14th May               

Year 2 Service 9:40am

Year 3 & 4 Art & Craft club 

Year 1 Parents Phonics meeting at 3:45pm

Wednesday 15th May               

Dance rehearsals with Stacey 3:30 – 5pm

KS2 Tennis after school club

KS1 Nessie club

Thursday 16th May

KS1 Multi skills after school club

Y1 & Y2 Homework club

Year 5 trip to Buddhist Centre

Friday 17th May               

Year  4  Service 10am

KS1 Sports club

Outstanding Homework

Rec –     Matteo

Year 1 – Phoebe

Year 2 – Riley

Year 3 – Kobi

Year 4 – Osato

Year 5 – Ridwan

Year 6 – Frankie

Going for GOLD

Rec –     Archie

Year 1 – Eren

Year 2 – Jayne

Year 3 – Amira

Year 4 – Sona

Year 5 – Freddie

Year 6 – Tamika

Presentation Award

Rec –     Minaal

Year 1 – Sasan

Year 2 – Isha

Year 3 – Evie

Year 4 – Isabella

Year 5 – Eva

Year 6 – Orphee

Go for it Certificates

Rec –      Eliza & Sofia

Year 1 –  Vincent & Roberta

Year 2 –  Annelle & Eliya

Year 3 –  Chantelle & Kofi

Year 4 –  Nissi & Eliam

Year 5 –   Vanessa & Ridwan 

Year 6 –  Timi & Ruby


We raised a huge £193 last week for our wearing Green Day so thank you to all who took part and donated. All money raised will go towards our Green Screen project. 

Big thanks to Make My Day Better, the charity arm of local travel company DialAFlight who donated £330 to the school garden. Money has been spent on guttering to hang on the fence as a vertical garden. This means more vegetables can grown on the sunny side of the garden. We have some lettuce seedlings there at present. If anyone has ideas on how to string up & support netting to stop the birds having a picnic please put a note in the suggestions box in the corridor by reception.


Please look at the photo, below the guttering where it is possible to see some shredded rocket birds have feasted on. They have virtually destroyed every spring brassica and salad leaf crop to-date. Pretty cheeky really when there are 10 full bird feeders hanging from the trees at the other end of the garden. Now with additional fleeces/cloches and netting (shown in photo) provided by “Make My Day Better “ the crops are thriving and we are actually going to be able to harvest what we sow.  The Frost protection fleeces will give us an edge when it comes to sowing seeds. Enabling planting early spring and harvesting before the summer holidays.

We have purchased enough  guttering for twice the amount currently installed.

Attendance for the week

Highest attendance of the week is Year 6

Lowest attendance of the week is Year 3

Class with the most lateness is Year 2

Whole school attendance of the week is 97.4%

100% Spellings

Year 2 – Emmanuel Lusako, Jayne Chege,  Christina Kapiris, Bianca Amodeo, Felix Salisbury.


Year 3 –  Eddie Mason, Kofi Baffoe, Gabrielle Adeyemi-Smith, Aaron Awuku,   Koby Essuman-Awotwe, Oyin Akinyele, Elirone Soro, Kyara Correia Corte-Real, Chantelle Kamara, Hanna Sienkiewicz, Lila king, Michael Lemery, Evie Gilbert, Olivia Bayeux Petriccione, Tobi Maphalala.  

Year 4 –  Chizara Egemonye-Eze, Antimony Quentin Lewis, Brielle Olaleye,  Valentina Kapiris,  Rebecca Jenkins,  Nissi Kragbe, Sona Shima, Eliam Zoh,  Marly Barry-Sow, Iman Kazim, Imariabe Ikponwosa, Isata Serry.

Year 5 – Ridwan Ayuba,  Adelina Shima, Mueen Carew, Adedoyin Adessemoye, Sophie Mason, Ebun Akinyele.

Year 6 – Orphee Soro, Ronni Whitnall-Gaylard, Xanthe Quentin Lewis. Deji Onakomaya-Onas.

House Points

The winning bridge is Tower Bridge with 1460 points.

Hard copies of School Policies,

including Safeguarding are available from the office and can be read online.

Boutcher Church of England Primary School | 93 Grange Road, London, SE1 3BW | 020 7237 2149