T E A C H E R S : Mrs Bradford and Mrs Whitton

T E A C H I N G   A S S I S T A N T S: Erica

Please find the Year 5 Maths Methods Handbook here

T H O U G H T   F O R   T H E   M O M E N T

D r e a m s  d o n ' t  w o r k  u n l e s s  y o u  d o .  

John C. Maxwell



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This term we are enjoying the adventures of plucky Jim Hawkins as we tackle Robert Louis Stevenson's piratical adventure: Treasure Island.   

Our Science Week trip to the Cutty Sark really fired our imaginations as we learnt all about life on a Tea Clipper in the 1870s.  

We are using our Guided Reading sessions to read into our Writing sessions which should enable us to read all the way to the end!

We found preparing our drama for the Easter play and for our Admission to Communion Service really moving.  

Jesus and the disciples, played by those children who were admitted to Communion.

The soldiers who arrested Jesus at Gethsemane and who guarded him on the cross.

The Sanhedrin who persuaded Pilate to sentence Jesus to death by crucifixion.

T A L K I N G   &   L I S T E N I N G

L I S T E N   T O   L E A R N,  T A L K   T O   R E M E M B E R

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One of the new things we have experienced in Year 5 this year is Burnet News Club.  We have looked at a range of world issues, gathering facts, examining opinions and perspectives, before making our own minds up and producing a final piece reflecting our own, considered opinions.  A highlight was the BNC Live day in February when we went Live with hundreds of other Primary and Secondary schools to help a first time voter make her decision about which candidate to back. 

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     BNC Live was a highlight!

   Our current issue

We have got so much out of it that we decided as a class to raise the £1,000 subscription for next year.  Amazing work, Year 5!

        Here are two of our artistic                  responses to our 2018: Year                 of the Woman project.

     Well done to our students             whose poster and beaming smiles were chosen to be tweeted by BNC.  Here is just one of them! 
We are learning to investigate events with scepticism and curiosity, to research with an open mind and to use reasoning and storytelling skills to help form our own opinions and present them to others.

Our topics this year have included Earth and the Solar System, Properties of Materials and Forces.  Our love of Science is evident in the standard of our Science projects for this year's Science week, where children were challenged to present research around a great British scientist.

 M A T H S

Portable skills: we always enjoy applying our Maths skills to problem-solving in other areas.  Here we are ordering events in a timeline of the relationship between Catalonia and Spain - a great test of our place value skills!

We are also enjoying our new Maths concepts lessons, working with a range of students around the classroom, and then focused, individual fluency work in the afternoons.

All of this requires fluency with our times tables.  So remember to keep practising!


Our topic this term is Bhuddism and we have been lucky enough to visit the Kagyu Samye Dzong (The Tibetan Bhuddist Meditation Centre for World Peace and Health) on Spa Road.  Thank you for being so patient with all our questions!



Our Service theme for the Summer Term is The Lord's Prayer.  Year 5 will be leading the KS2 Service on Friday 11 May and again on Friday 15 June.  Please join us to reflect and worship.

Each week, while service takes place, those who don't participate come together to reflect on our them from their own perspectives and if they wish, they share some of their own stories and ideas with us at Assemblies.  

 Our Muslim children gave a wonderful assembly sharing the story of the Third loaf of bread!