T E A C H E R S : Mrs Bradford and Mrs Whitton

T E A C H I N G   A S S I S T A N T S: Erica

Please find the Year 5 Maths Methods Handbook here

T H O U G H T   F O R   T H E   M O M E N T

D r e a m s  d o n ' t  w o r k  u n l e s s  y o u  d o .  

John C. Maxwell

R E A D I N G 

R E A D   L O T S   A N D   L O T S   R I G H T   N O W 

I love to read, but as I get older, there's less and less time for me to read what I want. You're so lucky to have the time to read - frankly, I'm jealous! I have to wait until the holidays to really get stuck into books. You don't have to wait at all. Make the most of it. 

The more you read, the more you'll enjoy reading. Just as sports becomes more exciting the more you play them (because you're getting better at them), reading becomes more exciting the more you do it (because you're getting better at it). 

If you really feel that you just can't get into books, then tell me and I'll make it my mission to try and find some books that you don't want to put down. That said, it's important to realise that even the best books have their ups and downs, exciting and quiet patches. That's the way it is - but often you can't appreciate the sweet without the bitter - so persevere through the bits that seem a bit boring because the chances are that the author's simply setting things up to be amazing just a few pages ahead...

R E C O M M E N D E D   R E A D 

Wonder by R.J. Palacio

I recommend this beautifully written book only if you don't mind laughing and crying. The story of Auggie as he attends school for the first time in his life aged 10 makes you want to hug everyone in it.  Brilliant!

T A L K I N G   &   L I S T E N I N G

L I S T E N   T O   L E A R N,  T A L K   T O   R E M E M B E R

It seems like some people are really lucky and pretty much remember everything and anything. It seems like they were just born with this special ability where they don't even have to concentrate; information goes straight up into their heads, where it sits there, ready to hand whenever it's relevant. It seems that way, but it isn't really.

In my experience, the ones who remember everything are the ones who want to understand the world. If you want to understand the world, then if someone's explaining something about it to you, you'll concentrate on what they're saying. 

Now, when teachers say 'Listen!', they don't mean like listening to music, where you sort of relax and enjoy the sounds, they really mean concentrate: you might translate 'Listen!' to 'Make sure you try your hardest to understand what I'm saying now'.

The children who know the answers to questions are actually working really hard at doing just that: making sure they are trying their hardest to understand what the teacher is saying. They're doing proper listening. 

To make sure you remember what's covered in school, you need to return to it. The best way to return to it is to share it. Share it with whoever's at home or someone in the playground. Teach them, and it'll stick in your head. 

M A T H S I N G 

D E T H R O N E   T I M E S   T A B L E   Q U E E N, 

M R S   V E R H O E V E N

Mrs Verhoeven's a little bit fed up. She's been Queen of Times Tables for years and years now, without anyone poising a real challenge. The times tables grids have been in circulation for nearly a year now, yet still no pupil at Boutcher can claim to be able to do all of their tables in the grid in comfortably under a minute. 

You may have heard Mrs V say it, but she cannot believe that the young minds of Boutcher pupils are not faster than her, let's say, more mature and experienced mind.

I've recently learnt that a former Boutcher pupil who was King of Times Tables has just been accepted to a prestigious university to study accounting (you have to be good at maths to do this). He puts his success down to really learning his tables.

'You just have to properly learn them off by heart, until it's automatic.' 

Take Mrs Verhoeven's advice, and you might just find that you have success that lasts much longer than being King or Queen of Times Tables.