Year Five Team: Mrs Whitton, Erica and Sally 

E n g l i s h 

This term we are enjoying studying Can We Save The Tiger? by Martin Jenkins and illustrated by Vicky White. 

So far, we've learnt about what causes animals to become endangered and what we can do to support them. 

We are enjoying developing our writing skills, whilst finding out more about some amazing animals. 

R e a d i n g

We have started reading Beetle Boy by M.G. Leonard and have made some safe and wild predictions about the story.  We are looking forward to finding out, who (if anyone) is closest!

 M A T H S

Please find the Year 5 Maths Methods Handbook here.

We will continue to develop our mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills in our lessons.  

Remember, children can practise their mathematical skills at any time on Mathletics as well as using it to complete their maths homework. 

Children are also encouraged to practise multiplication and division grids at home. 

S c i e n c e 

Our science topic is properties of materials. 

We will be carrying out investigations into the different properties of materials and consider the importance of fair and comparative testing.


This term we will be learning about Moses and considering his special relationship with God. 

We will reflect on what makes a good leader and will also consider how relevant some of the key events in Moses’ life are for us today.

T h e m e

Our history and geography focus this term is on The Victorians. 

We will be learning about what life was like in Britain during this era of great change and also looking back on the history of our own school. 

B U R N E T    N E W S 


We have the exciting opportunity of being part of the Burnet News Club (BNC). The BNC brings together young people across the UK to talk about current affairs.

We will spend September and October questioning the value of different perspectives on the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar, unravelling the Rohingya refugee crisis. 

Please remember to login and comment regularly BNC Login

H o m e w o r k  

E x p e c t a t i o n s 

Read every night to an adult and discuss your book with them. If you can't read with an adult, make sure that an adult sees you reading and then make sure they sign it. Reading records will be checked every Friday. 

Revise your times tables and related division facts ready for times tables and division tests.

Homework is handed out every Wednesday and should be returned to school on Monday morning.