Y e a r  4  T e a m :  
M r .   A v i s ,   B e v   a n d   S a l l y        

NEWS: Times table and division grids are now available to download on this page. See below. 
Please find the Maths Methods Handbook here

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Read every night to an adult and discuss your book with them. If you can't read with an adult, make sure that an adult sees you reading and then make sure they sign it. 

Revise your times tables an
d related division facts ready for times tables and division tests. 

U S E F U L    I N F O R M A T I O N 

PE kits must be in school every Monday and taken home each Friday.

Homework is due in on a Monday and new homework will be given out on a Wednesday

Bring your reading record into school each day. They will be checked every day. If it's signed every single day, then you'll get 5 minutes extra golden time. It should be signed at least 4 times a week. If not, you will have to spend some lunchtimes reading so that you are reading enough.

Spelling tests take place each Wednesday. Library is on Wednesdays so bring in your library books - even if you haven't finished - so that you can renew or return books. 

     I M P O R T A N T   D A T E S

S C H O O L   P H O T O G R A P H S 
Tuesday 22nd May 
Make sure you're wearing your uniform and looking smart!
Y E A R   4   C L A S S   A S S E M B L Y 
Thursday 24th May 

I N S E T   D A Y  
Friday 25th May 
School will be closed.

R E C E N T   E V E N T S

                D E P T F O R D     C R E E K 
Tuesday 1st May 

We had an amazing time exploring Deptford Creek in waders on a beautiful day. We learnt the  names of different parts of the river; we explored it as a habitat; we went fishing for wildlife, finding crabs and fresh water shrimps; we sketched the river, noticing how much it changed when the tide came in to when the tide was out, and we learnt a lot about history of the Thames, including that it is where everyone would dump the contents of their toilets! Luckily, the introduction of the sewage system cleaned it up considerably.