Welcome to Year Two's Class Page
Teacher: Miss Dixon
Teaching Assistants: Sally, Carol and Naomi 

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Year 2 is a very important year.
We are going to work hard in order to achieve our full potential.

Miss Dixon believes that the most important thing we can do is try our best!

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Year 2 dressed in their PE kit!

Useful notices

  • PE kits need to be in school each Monday and kept on your peg until Friday.
  • Reading records and your reading book must be in school each day.
  • Homework is handed out every Wednesday and must be returned on Monday.
  • Spelling tests will take place each Wednesday
  • Services in Key Stage 1 take place at 9:40 am each Tuesday morning. Check the weekly newsletter to find out when Year 2 will be leading the worship during service.
  • Swimming is on Thursday afternoons.

Teacher's Top Tips

Tip One: Read as often as you can. Talk about what you've read with your parent or loved one and discuss what you think might happen next, the meaning of new words and how you can relate to the story. Don't just read your school reading book but read books from home or the library, newspapers, non-fiction books and poems. 

Tip Two: Find time to count in jumps of 1, 2, 5, and 10. Count forwards and backwards from any number to build fluency with this.

Tip Three: Complete your homework and hand it in on time. This shows you are dedicated to your learning and you want to succeed.