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Year One Curriculum Overview
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Teacher: Miss Breen and Mrs Aitkenhead
Teaching Assistants: Cathy, Natalie and Rosemary

Thought for the moment:

“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.” 
                                                                                                       Dr Seuss.
Please find Year 1's Maths Handbook here


This term we are learning all about the eccentric ways of pirate family, the Jolly Rogers in The Pirates Next Door! 

Last term we met a friendly alien named Beegu. We used our phonics to help her learn English!


We our continuing our science topic of
Seasonal Change. We are observing the weather during Spring.  

What clues can you see on your way to and from school which tell you Winter is here?

How to be a roaring success in Year One...
We came up with five golden rules of how to be a brilliant learner in year one. This year we are lion cubs, ready to roar!

Teacher's Top Tips

Tip One:
Read every day, your stage book or a book from home. Talk about what you've read, look at the pictures, predict what might happen and think about how the characters in the story feel.

Tip Two: 
Talk every day about what you did at school and what was your favourite part of the day.

Tip Three: 
Follow instructions well and listen to the adult taking care of you - they want you to be happy and safe!  

In year 1 we love, love, love to read!

Our book corner is full of amazing books to enjoy. We love nothing more than relaxing in our 'cosy corner' with a good book and our reading buddies.

Useful Notices:   
  • Homework is given on Wednesday and due in Monday.
  • Spelling Tests are on Wednesday.
  • P.E kits should be in school Monday and taken home Friday.
  • Reading books and reading records need to be in school every day.
  • Service is on Tuesday morning and begins at 9:40am. You are welcome to enjoy tea and coffee in the library from 9am. Check the weekly newsletter to find out when Year One will be leading our worship.

In Year One we have been practising counting up and down in 5s. 

20, 25, 30, 35,40,45, 50, 55...

We have been finding numbers in between other numbers too.

What is the number between 53 and 55?
What are two numbers between 27 and 30?


We are currently learning about the principles and beliefs of Judaism .


In our Phase 5 Phonics, we are learning alternative graphemes for sounds we already know. 

We love playing 'Buried Treasure' where we sort real and fake words!

Useful website for Year One parents and carers:
Click the links for games and resources


Touch typing is such an important skill in our modern world. We are beginning to learn to by using a programme called Text Type 2. This website is fantastic to help us remember where the keys are and it can be accessed at home too! 

Doorway online has lots of other great educational games for you to enjoy!