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Year 6 take us on a journey through Rhythm And Poetry...

posted 8 Feb 2016, 07:15 by Boutcher PS   [ updated 9 Feb 2016, 09:38 ]
...from Sophocles to Shakespeare, through Rap, a few classics and some of their own work.  Well done for an amazing assembly: you showed a huge amount of learning, performing If by Rudyard Kipling; You Are Old, Father William by Lewis Carroll; Ozymandias by Shelley; Hope is a Thing With Feathers by Emily Dickinson; The Chariot Race by Sophocles - and Sonnet 29 to a Rap beat.  Up there with them all, though, were examples of their own poetry.  Try this for size from Nathan:  

They stand waiting as the sweat from their fingertips drops on the misty ground.  
Waiting on the horizon, the clock strikes ready for the victor to claim his greatness.  
Bang!  goes the trump.  
Leaping towards first place, the eye of the chosen one - or is he?
Not far behind the stragglers stand a chance.
When the mystic eye sees, will he go for the kill?
Or the one with his smartness use the things he acquires?

They take the first corner like an Eagle at top speed.  
He spots his opponent attempting to use a weapon; as deadly as it is, he grips firmly and pulls.
The man pots first place; restless horses are in pursuit.
The laps go by.  He falls off in shame;
He's claimed his greatness, everyone must obey!
Or will the one who failed come back another day?