Year 1
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Our School Council

The School Council is an elected assembly made up of two representatives from each class. 

The Council meets on a regular basis with Mrs Bradford to discuss their ideas for the school, before reporting back to the Head Teacher and the whole school. 

Any child is able to stand for election. Class teachers encourage children to make a written (or drawn) application before giving them the opportunity to present a campaign speech to their classmates. 

Voting is anonymous and Councillors are elected for a term of one school year. 

Councillors ask their classmates what issues they would like to see being raised ahead of meetings. 

Past actions have included: picnic benches for eating and learning outside; a fair rota for the use of said picnic benches; improvements to the KS1 toilets; a wider range of clubs and more equipment to use in the playground; fund-raising activities and chalk boards for KS1 and KS2 use in the playground.
We had a fantastic fund-raising day just before Christmas where we performed a play written by  Seray and Faridat about young carers, wore our Christmas Jumpers and staged a Talent Show to raise money for Save the Children and Wateraid.

We are currently planning a project around plastics, rubbish, Oceans and the Environment to run in the Autumn Term, and thinking about how to green our playground.